Joseph and Janis Csontos

Our Pastor & Church History

Emmanuel Fellowship Church was formed in the 1970’s by Dr. Joseph Nieves and his wife Gloria. Both are graduates of Elim Bible College, and Pastor Nieves was a former Dean of Pine Crest Bible College. Together they answered the call to form a church. A good friend and mentor of theirs, Sergio Valori, had already started a Bible study at Cedar Crest College. The Bible study began to grow, with people hungry for more of God’s best. People from all denominations were coming to these Bible studies for more teachings. Out of this, Pastor Nieves and Gloria formed Emmanuel Fellowship Church of Allentown. The first building was in East side of Allentown, and moved to its present location, as the church grew.

Pastor Nieves and Gloria retired from full time ministry and turned over the church to the assistant pastor, Joseph Csontos. Together with his wife, Janis, they continue to minister and preach the Gospel and Kingdom principles.